Built Rite Solutions recognizes that a comprehensive financial plan is one of the most important elements of running a successful business.  That is why we endeavor to provide you with various payment options when purchasing a walk-in cooler or walk-in freezer or drive-in cooler or drive-in freezer from us.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, on Account Terms (pending credit approval) and now we have teamed up with a major leasing company and are pleased to offer yet another option – Lease to Own.

When you need a new walk-in or drive-in cooler or freezer, what payment method will suit you best?  A Lease to Own option might be well worth considering and offers the following special advantages:


Increases Credit Availability

Preserves your bank borrowing ability for other needs, leaving bank credit lines open and ready for use.

Preserves Capital

Leaves your working capital in place – available for other necessities.

(Equipment leasing finances 100% of the equipment investment.)

Stimulates Cash Flow

Earn income from the use of the equipment – while making minimal payments.

Provides Tax Deductions

Often the monthly payments may be treated as a fully deductible tax expense.

For more information, on how a Lease to Own program may help you acquire new cooler or freezer equipment for your needs, please Contact Us!


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